Bexley & East Side Red Zoners Rally

Bexley & East Side Red Zoners Rally
Sunday 9th October, 2pm at the Wairoa Reserve
Corner of Wairoa and Morganwood Streets

Bexley people are now having a rally to highlight Red Zone issues

The issues continue to be experienced in the following areas:
  1. Insurance Companies are not always honouring full replacement policies and are not been open and fair in line with their own Code of Ethics in the Fair Insurance Code
  2. Rateable Value is not an accurate valuation for at least 2000 red zone home owners and we want John Key and the govt to provide a review process as stated in the June Cabinet documents
  3. There is still not affordable land available to people. Bexley people have RV on land between $68-110000. These Mums and Dads cannot go and buy another section when similar sized section prices start at $240,000
  4. There needs to be more openness/transparency about why someone is zoned red, what is happening to the red zone after we go, how many sections are available on the market now
  5. We are wanting the Government to listen to these ordinary kiwis. Please do not shutdown on the lives of people who are finding it impossible to move on!!
Please support and highlight the desperate need of so many people.

Rally organisers: Rev Mike Coleman, Evan Smith, Brent Cairns

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