Cape Argus article on the Red Zone

Courtesy of Mike Coleman here is a link to an article recently published in a South African newspaper, the Cape Argus, on some aspects of life in the Residential Red Zone. The article is entitled: Quakes expose fissures in society (here)

From Mike's e-mail:
"Here is Peter Bills article on the Red Zone.
He is a European correspondent who talked to a variety of people including myself about the implications of the Govt moving 6000 people off their land.
It is a very well written article and while he has a few facts not quite right he has captured the heart of how people are feeling.
It is sad... the paper he wrote this for would not publish it as it was too hard for their readers to hear!!"
It doesn't make for happy reading yet is the reality for some, a reality that doesn't seem to enter the consciousness of the many who are not directly affected. In some instances a reality that is best hidden from the outside world for fear that past ineptitude or worse may be uncovered?

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