Canterbury red zone residents - a guide to financial decisions

From CanCERN's latest newsletter:
The Sorted website CLICK HERE  has a special page for red zone residents, which has a range of tools and information, to help guide you through your financial decisions.   This includes a financial decision guide booklet and an action plan checklist to help get you started with what to think about, and do, and who to talk to.
The website has a wide range links for information on the different aspects of the money side of things. The booklet, which can be downloaded from the link above, covers:
Part one – Deciding on the Government’s offer
  • Which option is best for you?
  • What settlement date suits you?
Part two – Deciding what to do with your settlement payment
  • What to do with the deposit payment?
  • What to do with the final settlement payment you receive?
Part three – Getting advice
  • Who should you talk to?
  • Getting financial advice.
  • Sorted tools and more information

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