Property Issues Among The Rubble

Christchurch legal firm Duncan Cotterill have produced a booklet Property Issues Among The Rubble.
As described inside the front cover the booklet is designed as a guide only, however it is a very good place to start in getting to grips with the issues. The section headings are:
  • Summary of the zones
  • CERA sale options
  • Working your way towards getting the best possible result
  • Issues to consider before accepting an offer from CERA
  • What can I take from my house when I sell?
  • Buying another property
  • When earthquake damage lets you out of a property agreement
  • What happens to a property purchase if the house has been damaged by the earthquake but is not untenantable?
  • EQC claims and property deals
  • Buying a property post-earthquake
  • Buying a section post-earthquake
  • What are your legal rights if you are renting a damaged property as a result of the earthquakes?
  • Red Zone Residents - Buying property - Checklist
It is available as a download from here. You can also request a printed copy (details on the same web page).

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