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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Rebuilds - smaller houses

We, like many others, are likely to be a rebuild. While waiting for formal confirmation there has been time to check out what is available. The first thing we noticed, other than the unrealistically high prices of land, was the assumption by major building companies that everyone wants a big house. This of course is not true, and also undesirable from a environmental point of view.

A few companies have had a range of smaller houses on their books and there are indications that some of the other companies are starting to cater for those who need a smaller house. As we find out about houses smaller than 150sq m, and visit their show homes, it will be blogged. In addition, information about the companies will also be put on a separate page (see the heading Smaller Houses under INFORMATION PAGES on the right).

Click on the company name to go to their website.

Timber interiors and exteriors. There is a show home at Hornby, opposite McDonalds, however it is much bigger than 150sq m. Lockwood homes have a range of smaller homes that look okay on paper but need a walk through. The web site allows you to download some of the plans (look for the Initial series) but unfortunately it is locked so they can't be printed out. Not really user friendly; nice houses though.

Mainly brick clad houses although any cladding can be used at a cost. The city show home complex is in Papanui on the Main North Road (plus Kaiapoi and Rolleston and soon Lincoln - all of these show homes are over 150sq m). Stonewood Homes have just introduced a new range of smaller houses called the Bungalow Series (75 - 128 sq m) to fit below their First Choice Selection (142 - 149sq m). As of today the Bungalow Series was not mentioned on the website, but brochures are available at the show home. The two show homes are both over 150sq m.

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