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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Cardboard Cathedral

Speaking personally, I like the idea of a cardboard cathedral. The Press has a photograph of what it might look like here.

The designer, Japanese architect Shigeru Ban, has a style that encompasses both beauty and simplicity. One of his specialities is the construction of buildings using paper; one of his philosophies is making beauty available to the masses. The Japanese have used paper for art and interior design for many centuries so the extension of its use to exterior structures is wonderfully evolutionary. The extent to which he has used paper in both permanent and temporary construction can be seen on his website (here).

Shigeru Ban's work and help to those caught in disasters has been written about in:
  • Australian Design Review (here)
  • Open Architecture Network (here)
  • The New York Times (here)
  • Los Angeles Times (here)
  • Time magazine (here, here)
  • Interview Magazine (here)
Not everyone is happy with the idea of spending $4m on a cardboard cathedral (surely more useful than a $2m plastic waka). They are entitled to their opinion however their priorities, while understandable, are not universal. I for one would happily stick with the chemical toilet for another month or three for a sung evensong on a winter's night. That would bring me more solace than a porcelain flushing loo. Each to their own, without trying to denigrate or rob the other.

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