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Monday, 1 August 2011

Timing of Orange zone decisions

Roger Sutton released a media update today covering the Housing Expo and other things.

Amongst the information in the media update was the following:
"Currently the expected timeframes for orange zone resident announcements are:
  • For the Waimakariri District – including Kaiapoi Northeast, Kaiapoi South (Courtenay Drive area), parts of Kaiapoi West, and Pines Beach - 3-4 weeks
  • Upper Brooklands, Spencerville and Southshore - 4-6 weeks
  • Parts of Avonside, Burwood East, Hoon Hay, Parklands, Redwood, South New Brighton, Wainoni, Waltham - 2-3 months
  • Rest of Christchurch City and Kaiapoi Lakes - 3-5 months
We will write to residents again in the weeks ahead as timeframes for the announcements become more definite."
The full text of Roger Sutton's update is here.

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