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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Some street statistics

Part of the work being done on traffic and on-street parking (Dorian, Gail and Paul) has involved Gail mapping out, on an aerial photograph, the status of houses in our part of the world: Avonside Drive (Woodham to Retreat road), Chaddesden, Patten and Cowlishaw. Those who went to the picnic (oops - I meant barbecue) would have seen the photograph, and had a chance to add information about their property. If you didn't, let one of us know.

This information has been summarised and appears below. To help avoid individual properties being identified, only Cowlishaw street figures have been used.

At this stage dwellings (houses or flats) have been divided into one of four categories.

There are 68 65 dwellings in the street.
  • the situation of 28 is not known, 
  • 1 is below the $10,000 level,
  • 29 are in the $10,000 to $100,000 category, and 
  • 7 in the above $100,000 category.
Most of the numbers are conservative estimates based on our growing experience in these things, informal feed back from the EQC assessors during their inspection, and from the few EQC assessments sent to homeowners.  In the latter category one assessment has been disregarded as a major fault was missed during the assessment (a reassessment is expected, which will push it above $10,000).

As more information becomes available the statistics will be updated.

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