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Saturday, 19 February 2011

EQC blog - EQR/Fletchers process.

The following has been taken direct from the February 18 post on the EQC blog (here). I have changed the layout of the EQC post to bullet points, but none of the words, structure or meaning is altered.

This process assumes you have decided to stay with the PMO (EQR/Fletchers) process. Opting out will be covered tomorrow. (NOTE: I missed that deadline. The opting out post was done on the 22nd).
"If you decide to stay in the PMO scheme what can you expect to happen in terms of process? Once the claim is accepted, processed and the file is listed for referral to the Fletchers Earthquake Recovery team (EQR).
  • The claim is then sent from EQC to the EQR central office.
  • After a period of preparation by EQR, it is assigned to an EQR Hub – a project management office. These hubs are distributed across the Canterbury region.
  • The next step is for EQR to allocate a Supervisor at which time a letter is sent to you, the homeowner, including the name and phone number of the Supervisor who will be overseeing the repairs on your property.  There is also a Community Liaison Officer based at each Hub, who is available to deal with related questions or concerns.
  • The EQR supervisor and the contractor will visit the property to review the job and prepare for the start of the work. This may involve the inclusion of any extra damage caused by aftershocks, or previously unidentified damage. Depending on the nature of the damage an engineer, architect, or other specialist consultants may also need to view the property.  It is also determined whether a building consent is required at this stage, and EQR works closely with the councils to process these as quickly as possible.
  • Once complete, the repair pricing package is approved by EQC and then repair works can begin.
  • Repairs are completed by accredited contractors, and overseen by EQR.
  • As the repair works progress EQR arranges for the necessary quality assurance inspections and council inspections to be completed.
  • On conclusion, EQR carries out a final inspection and confirms that the work has been completed satisfactorily."

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