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Friday, 18 February 2011

EQC blog - The Concept Design Report and work on homes in Zone C

Taken direct from the EQC blog (here).
Work on homes in Zone C will take place as part of a coordinated effort and work will start following the development of the ‘Concept Design Report’. The data gathered from the Factual and Interpretative reports, will feed into the Concept Design for the remedial works – which constitutes 12 kilometres of in-ground remedial works being funded by the government (not EQC). This work aims to limit the worst of the damage should we be unfortunate enough to have another very large earthquake nearby in our lifetime.
The concept design will include:
a)    Investigating the best solution for each location
b)    Final concept design of the solution
c)    Co-ordination of works programme with Council Infrastructure programme.
d)    Obtaining  consents
e)    Delivery strategy
f)     Cost estimates
The concept design report will have two main purposes:
    1)    To provide government (via EQC) with timeframes and a budget for the proposed works.
   2)    To enable the Councils (who will be project managing the in-ground works) to develop detailed designs.

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