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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Politically Trivial

In checking the traps for relevant news and information over the last 36 hours the following was not noticed on various political websites

The National Party (here). These guys are keen on securing a brighter future!
Gerry Brownlee - no mention that Gerry is the Minister for Canterbury Earthquake Recovery, although his role as Associate Minister for the Rugby World Cup is listed. No mention of the Canterbury earthquake at all on the party's Gerry Brownlee listing (here). Gerry's personal website is more up to date with these things (see here).
Bill English - no mention of any involvement by Bill English in earthquake recovery (see here). Bill has his own website here. On the front page of his website there is no mention of either the Canterbury earthquake, or that Bill English is the Minister in Charge of the Earthquake Commission. Did you know Bill had ministerial responsibility for EQC?
Nothing Earthquake related for Nicky Wagner or Aaron Gilmore, although Nicky's website (here) has information on earthquake issues. Aarons' website (here) is just a list of widely available websites.
ACT maybe? they say "Act now it's time!"
Nothing, anywhere, about earthquake recovery (or any place, other than Australia, Auckland and the foreshore). Their website is here. 
Maori? - after all, the people are the most important thing.
Nothing mentioned. Their website is here.
Maybe Labour? - the party that works for kids, the economy and worries about GST on food.
Their website is here. No earthquake recovery material on the front page of the website. Some press releases under News. On the People page Clayton Cosgrove is listed as the Spokesperson for Earthquake Recovery. The page has a link to Clayton's profile which contains a list of his most recent earthquake related articles (here).  The profile for Lianne Dalziel (here) also contains a few earthquake related articles. Brendon Burn's profile contains nothing earthquake related, however his website (here) has a significant number of related articles.
Or the Alliance? - with policies based on socialist principles: democracy, equality, and social ownership
Their website (here) has been down for maintenance over the period I've been checking this out.
What about the Greens then? - they're into issues that affect people.
Nothing about earthquake recovery on the front page of their website (here). Nothing on their Issues page, their News page, their Policy page, and nothing since the 6th of September on their regional-Canterbury page.
Overall not a great deal of interest or acknowledgement of the earthquake's recovery phase. Maybe it was a big event on the earthquake scale but no longer registers on the political scale.

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