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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

CERA’s Residential Advisory Service

The Residential Advisory Service (RAS) starts business from 8.00 tomorrow morning. The RAS website is here.

The basics are:

  • Phone number 0800 777 299

  • Call centre hours  8am to 5pm

  • When will meetings with independent advisors begin?  Cases will be triaged by the call centre and placed with advisors based on the specific nature of issues, with the first advisor/property owner meetings beginning on Monday 20 May.

  • Where will meetings take place?  The Residential Advisory Service has secured space in 15 locations around greater Christchurch so meetings can occur in convenient places for property owners.

  • Who are the independent advisors?  They’re professional people working in the field in greater Christchurch across the areas of engineering, building, geo-technical expertise, real estate and insurance.

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