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Thursday, 16 May 2013

Criteria for CERA’s Residential Advisory Service

On the RAS site there is a description of the three steps used by the Service (here).

Step 1 includes the words “a staff member will take you through a short assessment to see whether your circumstances meet the criteria …”.  In case it is not clear what this means, the criteria is listed further up their web page and I have reproduced it below.

The wording is a bit equivocal (may be available if …) however there oughtn’t be any surprises (let me know if there are).

This service may be available to you if you are an earthquake-affected residential property owner and you:

  • believe you are in disagreement with another party over your repair or rebuild process, or
  • are not confident about or do not understand the complex matters associated with your rebuild or repair process.

However, you cannot use the service if you:

  • have filed legal proceedings against your insurer (if your issue is insurance related), or
  • are participating in EQC mediation (if your issue is EQC related), or
  • are trying to deal with your situation through the Insurance and Savings Ombudsman process or any other dispute resolution service.

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