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Friday, 25 January 2013

EQC removing further rights to information

EQC have again changed their webpage on TC3 Drilling (here).

Today they removed the opportunity for a TC3 property owner to review the drilling data relevant to their property. Originally the section on data management and interpretation read:

EQC manages the drilling data through the web-based Canterbury Geotechnical Database.

  • The data is uploaded to the database when drilling has been completed.
  • The data is highly technical. It is available to geotechnical and structural engineers, council officers, and other specialists, to assist them with the design of foundations for obtaining building consent for your home. (If you’d like to review the data that is relevant for your property, ask the project manager or engineer allocated to your repair.)

The opportunity to review the data (last sentence, in brackets) has now been removed so you cannot ask the project manager or engineer.


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