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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Assessing Gib board and lath and plaster wall and ceiling damage

Winstone Wallboards have produced a very easy to use piece of software called the GIB® Wall and Ceiling Repair Tool. The software is free (28MB download) and doesn't need to be installed. Just click to run it.

It was designed to assist with assessing earthquake damage and shows users the type of damage that may have occurred then lists repair strategies to be used. As it has been developed by the product manufacturer it can be considered both well informed and a "best practice" guide. Ideal to check against your Fletcher/EQR or insurance company's repair intentions.

It is simple to use and has options for:
  • Plasterboard Walls
  • Plasterboard Ceilings
  • Lath and Plaster
There are three options on the main page. Taking walls as an example, click on the Plasterboard Walls tab and a drawing appears showing where damage occurs in a room: in corners, around windows and doors, and with nails and screws. Click on the number next to the problem area and a page pops up with information on the damage. The information provided is:
  • the damage that has occurred (type and likely cause)
  • repair required (to the bracing element and general lining)
  • notes (additional diagnostic information).
On some pages there are colour photographs showing the types of damage. Click on the photograph and an enlargement appears so the damage can be easily seen.

Click the Print button (top right) for a copy of the page, or the Close button (bottom right) to go back to the previous page.

There are versions for Windows, Mac, Android and iPad here, along with other useful guides.

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