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Monday, 3 December 2012

EQC - changes to the Apportionment FAQ

EQC today changed some of the layout of its Apportionment FAQ and added more text (here).

Perhaps the most significant change occurs at the end of the explanation of how apportionment works, with the removal of the paragraph (underlining added):

If there is no EQC assessment for every claim, then EQC looks at evidence such as the customer's apportionment estimate and the pattern of damage at similar neighbouring properties.

and replacing it with:

If the damage to your home wasn’t assessed after each event, EQC needs to use a variety of methods to establish how damage should be apportioned. These include comparing the damage with other properties in the area where we know what damage occurred and when it occurred. It also includes information provided by the homeowner.

Presumably the “customer’s apportionment estimate” contained in the old version was too inconvenient for EQC to live with, and so it had to be replaced by something that gave them more more wriggle-room.

One wonders under what authority EQC can keep changing the “rules”, whether they intend to make them retrospective, and how such changes ensures consistency of treatment throughout the assessment programme.

NOTE: some of the changes were reversed on the 4th of December – see here.

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