Lifting earthquake-affected buildings in Christchurch

The Department of Labour has produced a fact sheet “to improve awareness of the hazards involved in lifting buildings in Christchurch.  It also provides industry recommendations for controlling these hazards.”

The fact sheet is a good way to become familiar with accepted practices to be used in Canterbury, and to check your insurance companies detailed costings to ensure nothing has been missed or understated.

An important note for those in TC2 and TC3 – the factsheet says:

There are a number of methods that house movers use to support buildings once they have been lifted.  The method they use depends on a range of factors including: size of building, topography of site, exposure to wind, and complexity of the new foundations.

Note: lifting and stabilising work conducted on TC2 and TC3 land should be informed by geological advice.  Contact the engineer responsible for the foundation repair/rebuild proposals to see if there are any particular concerns that need to be accounted for.

Has your insurance company factored this in?

The fact sheet is here, along with links to other material on lifting buildings.


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