CCC - Cutting essential services to the Red Zone after 30 April 2013

In response to an OIA request:

Has the Christchurch City Council, either elected members or staff, received formal or informal enquiries from CERA about what services can be cut off in the Residential Red Zones after 30 April 2012?

If yes, please advise what requests have been made and how copies of them can be obtained.

the CCC have provided the following response:

Further to your request I have received the following comment from staff.

We have not received any requests from CERA to date on what services can be cut off after 30 April 2013.

CCC and CERA have worked on a programme of cutting off wastewater and water supply to houses that have been purchased by the Government and are vacated in order to reduce operational costs and risks in the residential red zones. CCC has also been collecting wheelie bins from properties that have been purchased by the government and the residents have left. The wheelie bins are owned by the City's contractor and are attached to the property title and not the owner or occupant.

What does it mean? At this stage it looks as though the property has to have been purchased by the Government and vacated before the Council will cut off wastewater and water supplies. Be interesting to know if Minister Brownlee and CERA see it this way.

It would also be interesting to know if Council staff will be prepared to cut services off where someone is still living in a Red Zone house after 30 April 2013.  Would they cross a picket line?

NOTE: the OIA information was obtained via the website You can see the request and answers here.


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