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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Infrastructure rebuild - whats happening where?

The Council have set up a web page with a map of the city. Click on a neighbourhood and a page will open showing what works are underway, or going to happen soon, in that area.

Clicking on Avonside we get:
  • 7 Jul 2011 Birchfield Ave - Gayhurst Road - Avonside Drive - Sewer Main Replacement
  • 3 Jul 2011 Fitzgerald Avenue - Avonside - Bridge Repair
  • 1 Jul 2011 Avonside Drive - repair work on sewer main
  • 28 Jun 2011 Avonside Drive - repair work on sewer main
  • 20 Jun 2011 Avonside Drive - Sewer manhole repair work.
Click on any of the entries and full information and a map come up. Providing it is kept up to date this is a pretty neat idea.

The web page is here.

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