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Sunday, 10 July 2011

EQC - interactive maps of earthquake information.

EQC have published interactive maps on-line that allow users to check out city and suburb level information on damage to contents, properties and land. Individual streets are identifiable but the map does not zoom in to allow a particular street, or group of streets to be analysed.

Some of the definitions are unclear e.g. what is the difference between severe and moderate levels of liquefaction? All of Retreat Road is shown as moderate liquefaction while the western end of Robson Ave is shown as having experienced severe liquefaction. That doesn't accord with my recollection.

Perhaps the most interesting map is that which shows land displacement after the February 22 earthquake. According to that, our whole suburb, along with large parts of the city, has sunk 30cm (a fraction under 12 inches).

The on-line maps are a good introductory overview of what happened but provide no hard information. They are not a substitute for substantive printed reports of maps, descriptions and analysis. Hopefully these will be available soon.

Using the maps requires a bit of computer skill and confidence. They can be found here.

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