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Thursday, 2 June 2011

More Red Cross grants

The New Zealand Red Cross have announced two new grants to help some people over winter, and those with school children travelling significant distances to school.

Winter Assistance Grant for those over 65

From the Red Cross website:
Up to $400 per household paid over four months to assist with electricity bills
The aim of this grant is to assist people over 65 years who are living in their significantly damaged homes caused by either the September or February earthquake. The significant damage must include serious compromise to the insulation of their homes.
This grant assists people with their electricity bills over the months of June, July, August and September.
This grant is for up to $400 in total and will be made up of four monthly payments of $100 which will be paid directly to electricity retailer outlined on the application form.
There is a downside to this grant. You must be able to prove your house has been significantly damaged. If EQC or your insurance company have yet to inspect your house you won't be able to provide the necessary evidence of your eligibility.

To see full information on this grant, and find an application form, click here.

Relocated Children School Grant

From the Red Cross website:
$250 per child to be paid to the primary caregiver of each child who meets the criteria.
This grant assists children who are attending their existing school but are commuting a significant distance because earthquake damage to their homes have forced them to relocate.
Children who have been displaced from their usual residence, as at 22 February 2011, and have moved to a new residence as at 22 May 2011, which is located outside a km radius from their school.
The grant is for $250 per child to be paid to the primary caregiver of each child who meets the criteria.
Red Cross will be contacting schools to ensure the child or children is enrolled, and that the applicant is the registered caregiver. Consequently applications may take some time to be granted.

Full information and the application form are available from here.

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