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Saturday, 4 June 2011

Christchurch earthquake grant - for BNZ Customers with school-age children

BNZ Markets has established a fund to provide grants to Christchurch based BNZ customers with school-age children.

Applications must be accompanied by a statement of less than 500 words as to the reason for the application along with quotes or estimates of expenses to be incurred, or invoices of expenses that have already been incurred. Applications close on the 17th of June.

From the BNZ website:
BNZ Markets have up to $15,000 available to give away as community grants to Christchurch based BNZ customers who have been financially affected by the 2011 Christchurch earthquake. The grants are available to families with school-age children to give a hand with expenses that are not already covered by insurance. Expenses may relate to education, sports, health or music – wherever you need help.
The grants are a result of fundraising events held by BNZ Markets in memory of a former colleague, Cayne Dunnett, who suffered a fatal heart-related illness in 2004. BNZ Markets have already donated $3000 to Plunket Canterbury for much needed infant car-seats as part of this series of community grants.
You are welcome to apply for a grant if:
  • You are an existing BNZ customer
  • You were financially affected by the earthquake
  • You are still living in Christchurch or the surrounding area
  • And, it is for a specific purpose related to a child or children still in full-time schooling in 2011, up to and including year 13.
The web page and application form are here.

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