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Sunday, 20 February 2011

EQC blog - if you decide to stay with the PMO (EQR/Fletchers) scheme

When the time comes to look at repairs, the quality control and financial security offered by EQC (the PMO - EQR/Fletchers) is unlikely to be equalled by opting out and organising things yourself.

EQC has had difficulty getting itself organised and meeting expectations etc. Never the less they are trying to provide the best possible means of getting claimants back to as good a position as before the earthquakes. Contracting EQR/Fletchers to do the repairs seems to me to be evidence of that. Consider the following taken from the EQC blog (here). I have rearranged the layout but the words and sense are unaltered.
If you decide to stay in the PMO scheme:
  • All building consents and design work will be obtained for you by Fletchers
  • Apart from the statutory excess payable on all claims, there is no cost to you if in completing the repair works the actual cost of repair exceeds the EQC assessment estimate.
  • All work carried out under the PMO scheme will be completed in accordance with the Building Act.
  • Quality audits will be carried out as repairs proceed and at the conclusion of repairs, all Code Compliance Certificates will be obtained and a copy forwarded to the property owner. 
  • All liability around the repair will be covered by the PMO scheme, and any defects in the quality of the repair work will be rectified by the PMO team.
Unless you are in a desperate hurry, why would you want to take the DIY approach? Should you want to opt out then the EQC blog explains what is involved.

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