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Monday, 21 February 2011

Accelerated aging and deterioration of homes awaiting repair

Gail and I went to a local CanCERN/Avonside Community meeting at the Scout Hall this evening. The meeting's purpose was to provide updates on various activities, and identify some important local and more global issues.

One significant issue raised was that of home maintenance while waiting for repairs to be done. The example given was that of a wooden villa in need of significant repairs. As it is in a Zone C area, where some of the dams are to be built, nothing is likely to happen for at least 2 years. Even homes in B zones, where they are at the back of the queue for repairs, will face this issue

Question - what maintenance can be done in the meantime? If left as it is (and many, many homes are in the same situation) the existing damage will allow significant accelerated aging and deterioration to occur. If important maintenance is needed, who will pay for it? EQC are quite clear that they will only pay out on small permanent repairs (under $2,000), and then only if they are urgent.

Perhaps this is something for EQR/Fletchers to take the lead on, and the insurance companies encouraged to follow.

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