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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

VENUE UPDATE - Orange and White zones CERA protest - 16th of October

The following is from the facebook page associated with the organisers:
IMPORTANT MESSAGE: The Gardens have decided to put a stop to our Protest, they have indicated that we will not be allowed to utilise any area in either the Gardens or Hagley Park as our protest does not fit with their image. Nice of them to let me know so late in the peice, when I thought I had done everything to make it work (I really believe this is sabatage, to make sure it can't happen), when all the flyers have gone out and everything is set up. This will not stop me. I will make it clear on the day to all those who have recieved flyers and show up, that the protest will go ahead as planned in a close but new location. Please can anyone suggest a venue in close proximaty to the Gardens that we may be able to use, or else it will be out on the side walk in front of the Gardens!
The facebook page is

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