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Saturday, 29 October 2011

Orange Zones decisions - Release of Cabinet papers on the October 28th announcement

Cabinet Papers and Minutes concerning the October 28 Orange zones decisions are available from the CERA site here.  On the same website are Cabinet Papers and Minutes relating to the Kaiapoi Orange zones.

An interesting issue arises in reading the relevant Cabinet Paper (the second of the two in red below). The Minister talks about being able to rezone Orange properties to Green because "... many of the remaining areas can be repaired on an individual basis." Cabinet Paper, Section 15. What is not discussed is the timeliness criteria. How long will it take? What period of time fits within the initial criteria? Two sections from this part of the Paper have been withheld, along with details of work in some Orange zone areas (Sections 29 and 30).

As to the near future, Section 31 of the Paper reads:
Of the remaining Orange Zones not discussed above (NOTE: this is a reference to the two deleted paragraphs), I expect to receive final zoning advice in time for an announcement over the coming weeks. In these areas, T&T has indicated that further assessment is required to determine if an individual solution is practical, and if not, the nature and cost of area-wide works which would be required for rebuilding.
For those who are statistically minded Appendix 3 of the same Paper lists the number of houses being made Green by suburb or location, and another table for the suburbs and communities that remain Orange. 

The October 28 related releases are listed below. Some of them have had sections removed - withheld under the Official Information Act.  The Cabinet Minute and Paper relevant to the decisions released on the 28th are in red, and link directly to the document.


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