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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Avonside Drive - river bank and property problems

Geoff from Avonside Drive contacted me to say he and his neighbours are having problems with traffic along the first part of Avonside Drive. The state of the road is such that fast moving and heavy traffic are damaging the river bank, which is putting their properties at risk.

He has used the "have your say" part of the Council website to make a submission on the problem. The web page is: The submission is:
"Traffic Management of Avonside Drive needs to be reviewed in order to preserve the river bank and the properties along the river.

The stretch of Avonside Drive from Fitzgerald Avenue through to Woodham Road should be limited to light weight vehicles and emergency services vehicles only at this time and perhaps even reduced to a single lane at reduced speeds.

There are cracks that have developed in the roading since the February 22 earthquake indicating that the river banks and the ground are still moving.

Vibrations caused by heavy vehicles and traffic along this normally busy arterial route of roading is is going to be detrimental to the situation.

The river banks and properties along this section of Avonside Drive should be protected from any additional risk of being futher compromised.

Traffic could very easily be diverted down Gloucester Street from Woodham Road, Stanmore Road and Fitzgerald Avenue to prevent additional damage to the roading and would also allow contractors the opportunity to shore up the river banks and to repair the intersection of Woodham Road, Avonside Drive and Linwood Avenue which was badly damaged in September and again in February."
In addition to Greg, a couple of his neighbours have also made submissions in the hope that if enough noise is made about this, the Council will action something to protect the river bank which in turn protects their homes.

If you are prepared to support them this please consider making a submission. The website is here.

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