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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

News about Disaster

The media in New Zealand is full of this stuff, as we are all aware. Most of us have a strong suspicion, or belief, that the news we get is usually of low quality: short, light weight sound bites with shock-horror images, too little hard information, and expert analysis from people who are not good communicators.

Being isolated from the rest of the world, getting access to harder stuff is a challenge, so knowing where to look is key to knowing more.

There is no wand to wave and show you better media reporting on what is happening in Christchurch.  I can, however, point you to a site with current reporting on what is happening in Japan, and any other area experiencing major disasters. It is called Disaster management - bringing order to chaos and can be found here. Written very well by experienced journalists with good contacts, reading it will get you beyond the frothy stuff dished up here. They have one article on the February 22nd earthquake, written the day after, so you can check out the manner of their reporting by going here, and to their earthquake and storm site Shake and Blow, here.  

The site is part of a series of sites covering subject areas including military activities, terrorism, geo-political issues, regional issues, and industrial concerns. Some of these specialist topics are never covered in New Zealand, so this is the place to visit. Links to these sites can be found at the top of each page.

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