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Monday, January 3, 2011

EQC response to questions from CCC

The CCC has added more to its web page Answers to questions raised at recent Council community meetings.

The CCC put a number of unspecified questions to both the EQC and the Insurance Council of New Zealand. There is no sign of a response from from ICNZ however EQC provided a large response which is available for download from the CCC here.

Topics covered are:

EQC Insurance
  • EQC Cover
  • EQC's role and responsibilities

Canterbury Earthquake Claims Management
  • Claim Deadlines
  • Claim targets
  • Claims management for the Canterbury Earthquake (General)
  • Claims Management for the Canterbury Earthquake (Detailed)##
  • Priorities
  • EQC Contacts
  • EQC Agents
  • EQC Community Engagement
  • Future Insurance Cover
## This information will be the next item posted on this blog

Land Remediation
  • Relevant parties in the land remediation process
  • Land remediation for zones A, B, and C
  • Zone A
  • Zone B
  • Zone C
  • Process for land remediation
  • Land remediation costs
  • Impact on land property values
  • House damage of less then $100,000 + GST with land damage
  • House damage over $100,000 + GST with land damage

Repairs and Rebuilding
  • Process for rebuilding and repairs
  • Timing of building repairs when land remediation needs to occur
  • PMO role and responsibilities
  • Managing your own repairs
  • Temporary accommodation while repairs/remediation takes place
  • Reimbursements for making homes habitable and/or weatherproof i.e. emergency repairs
  • Options concerning chimney replacement
  • Overcharging
  • Transferring assets between properties +++
  • Ability to rebuild to a different specification
  • Demolition of buildings
+++ Note: This bit is important to avoid getting into legal strife.

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