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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Rebuilds - Salvaging items from the old house.

As with the previous post, the material here has been lifted directly from information developed in response to a list of questions from the CCC. It was provided by NZ Earthquake Commission and was correct as at the 24th of Dec 2010. A copy of the full response can be downloaded from here. 

It covers the situation where a homeowner wishes to remove items from their house before it is demolished.  Under some circumstances this is not permitted because the items belong to the insurer (EQC or insurance company). For instance, an ornate fire surround, hallway arch, or ceiling rose may have sentimental value. However, as they are attached/built-in to the house, they are considered part of the house and belong to the insurer. Note - I am not a lawyer so treat this as an unqualified observation and get professional advice before doing anything.


Transferring assets between properties

In situations where a building has to be replaced, people can remove any undamaged contents or chattels. Any damaged contents on which a claim has been made cannot be salvaged. In addition, if a residential building is to be replaced, no part of that structure can be salvage by the insured person.


Once again, if this information is important please refer to the original document and check to see if there have been any updates. If there is something in the house you want check with EQC (or your insurance company if they are handling your case).

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