EQC - Additional information posted on the Home Repair Programme page

EQC have added more important material to the Home Repair Programme page here.

The headings for the additions are:

  • Find out more information about the Canterbury Home Repair Programme
  • Find out more about pre existing building issues
  • The issue of asbestos
  • Urgent repairs
  • Certificate of title notification

The last addition, notices on land titles, will have major insurance and re-sale ramifications for those who have a Section 74 notice placed on their Certificate of Title. The additions in full are below …

2. Find out more information about the Canterbury Home Repair Programme (CHRP)

The Canterbury Home Repair Programme (CHRP) is EQC’s managed repair programme for Canterbury homes with damage between $15,000 and $100,000 (+GST) per claim.

On the CHRP page there is specific information:

  • what the CHRP programme is
  • about Fletcher EQR
  • a land structures factsheet
  • nominating your own contractor
  • beneffits of being in CHRP
  • the repair process under CHRP
  • identification
  • repair completion
  • complaints process
  • home repairs for the vulnerable
  • opting out of CHRP

3. Find out more about pre existing building issues

EQC has a dedicated team handling homes where pre-existing construction issues have been identified. To go directly to this page you can follow this link

4. The issue of asbestos

Find out how EQC is dealing with asbestos and we answer any questions you may have. The asbestos page can be directly accessed at this link.

5. Urgent repairs

Urgent (or ‘emergency’) repairs are repairs that are essential to make your home safe, secure, sanitary and weathertight. At this page you can find out about:

  • immediate actions
  • authorising urgent repairs yourself
  • is "liquefaction" an urgent repair

6. Certificate of title notification

Some property owners have a notification on their Certificate of Title (or ‘land title’) under Section 74 of the Building Act 2004, which indicates that the land is likely to be subject to a specified natural hazard (or hazards). This page will lead you to notifications relevant to this area.

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