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Friday, 19 April 2013

Southern Response - FAQ on builder selection.

Southern Response have published a brief FAQ on how they nominate a builder for your rebuild or repair, and what your options are.

In fact your options are quite limited, almost but not quite “take it or go away”. The FAQ is here, and reproduced below (click the link to see it).


Published 18 April 2013

Southern Response has identified a range of reputable Canterbury builders who are accredited by Arrow, our project management company.  This includes group home builders, independent builders and repair specialists.

If you elect to build with us, we will nominate a builder for you based on the type of house you had previously or are repairing. 

Your build contract will be between you, the builder and Southern Response.   Arrow will coordinate aspects of the rebuild or repair for you.  They will liaise directly with you and your builder as required - whether you are repairing or rebuilding with either Build to Budget or Replicate to Policy.

Frequently asked questions about our builder selection

What if I am not happy with the builder you select?      

If you don't want the first builder we nominate for you, and can present acceptable reasons for that, we will try to offer you a second builder. However, we recommend that you accept our first selection, as we make every effort to match the builder to your project and to ensure that the builder is able to work to the specified time-frame.   

Moving to a second choice of builder may mean that our planned start date for your rebuild or repair is delayed, due to the chosen builder's capacity and workload.

What if I don't agree with the second builder you nominate?

If this occurs, you may want to consider our self-managed build option which gives you full control over the project.  You can use a builder of your own choice if you elect a self-managed build option (for rebuild or repair).  If you choose this option, we will require a signed building contract to confirm the work will occur.  We also need to be comfortable with the scope of the work if your house is a repair.  Southern Response will have no responsibility for the outcome of the building work.

How do I pursue the self-managed build option?

When we have agreed how much Southern Response will contribute to the build of your new home you can start talking to builders about your project.  

You should then give us a contract from your preferred builder so that we can confirm that you are doing the building work in compliance with the AMI policy conditions.  We will enter into a settlement agreement with you and pay the amount that reflects the value of your claim with us (either for the rebuild or repair value of the damage to your house).

Any costs already incurred by us toward your original plans to build with us must be reimbursed by you, or deducted from your cash settlement.

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