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Saturday, 16 March 2013

The Anxious Times - newsletter of Anxiety Support

The previous blog entry introduced Anxiety Support. One of the significant services they provide is a quarterly support newsletter The Anxious Times that can be read on-line or downloaded for reading later ( or printing out). Copies of the newsletters are available here.

The newsletters published to date are:

Autumn 2013

Prescription changes, Adult Separation Anxiety Disorder, Cluttering Vs Hoarding, Thinking About Working, Mental Health Websites.

Summer 2013

Post Earthquake Depression; Antidepressants or Dandelions; Happiness is not the purpose in life; Silent face of Social Phobia.

Spring 2012

Out of the Blue; Always Expect Recovery; Youth Health; Rural Services; Transport for Christchurch; School closures Cause Anxiety.

Winter 2012

Sleeping Easy; Gardening and Mental Health; Warm water and lemon; Forgive and Forget;

Autumn 2012

OCD Studies; Supporting Families; Work and Income; Ochiltree Earthquake Retreat; Post Traumatic Stress; Anxiety, Hoarding and Clutter

Summer 2011/2012

Happiness; Laughter; Promoting Support groups; The Tuesday programme

Winter 2011

Resilience; Cultural Activities good for health; Earthquake Support

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