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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Southern Response - the use of lighter cladding for rebuilds

If you have/had a brick house that is to be rebuilt it appears the Southern Response may substitute a lighter material for the external cladding. The news release is here and reads:

Lighter weight claddings for TC3 land

Published 13 August 2013

If your original home was built of brick and is now being rebuilt on a surface structure with shallow foundations, it will need to be rebuilt with a lighter weight cladding than the original brick.

Lighter weight cladding costs more than brick and there is now an allowance for this in your Build to Budget sum.

The allowance will cover the difference in cost between brick and the current equivalent lightweight cladding system.  We expect that the number of rebuilds on TC3 land will result in an increase in the range and a possible lowering of the price of lighter weight cladding materials - so we will regularly monitor the available products and the amount of the allowance we will make available for this upgrade.

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