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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Blog update - going into recess

The Avonside Blog is going into recess. Why?

When the blog started in November 2010 (1,101 blog postings ago) it's purpose was to provide a central point of information for our part of the world. As issues arose it also became a voice putting forth experiences and views that would otherwise not have been heard.

Now, with the first stage of the Avonside photography project taking life in the form of the Tkx 4 the Memories exhibition, Avonsiders have been able to speak for themselves. Their voices are clearer, more direct, and more passionate than any intermediary can manage. The last word must belong to them.

At this stage the blog is in recess. If nothing untoward occurs to those of us still trying to start again then nothing more need be said, and eventually the blog will close. In time there will be an archive copy of the blog to keep a permanent record. A lot of the information gathered while blogging will also be retained, as I look forward to 2014 being the year of reckoning and accountability.

In anticipation of signing off for good this is an opportunity to express appreciation to a range of people.

To my fellow "CowPats" (our residents' society) thank you for your support and the examples you set.  Ditto for all the others who lived in Avonside. Brendon Burns, our much lamented former MP, your departure was a great tragedy and a sore loss. Thank you for being the right man in the right spot when we needed help. Rosalyn Deane and Holy Trinity, you were  helping hand when we needed one, who made a difference for lots of children and grownups too.

Leanne Curtis, the last surviving original member of CanCERN, and Brian Parker of CanCERN, and the whole of CanCERN, thank you for your encouragement, support, and for being an impetus to carry on.

Ivan and the Red Zone teams at CERA - while often under heavy fire from angry and distraught residents, you have quietly done everything in your power to solve our problems and support Red Zoners. One day, I hope, when the smoke clears, the value of your efforts will be better understood and appreciated.

Most especially Gail – you have always been supportive and undergone more than two and half years of me disappearing for three to four hours each night to "check the traps" and do some blogging. Thank you.

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