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Friday, 12 July 2013

EQC update - error with some “Know where you stand” letters

EQC announced today (here) that there has been an error in about 4,000 “know where you stand” letters. From the EQC website (important bit has been highlighted):

Friday 12 July 2013: EQC has identified a technical error with about 4000 letters sent to customers currently in the Canterbury Home Repair Programme which means they were sent information not relevant to their claim.

Every affected customer was in the “CHRP repairs” customer group. While they received the correct claim information (eg: claim number), the letter or email may have referred to a situation which was not true for their claim.

For instance, some customers were told their repairs were on hold at the customer’s own request, when this was not true. EQC apologises for this error and will be sending further letters to customers in this group to give them the information they should have originally received.

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