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Thursday, 13 June 2013

EQC - updated information on land and building claims

EQC have published updated information on claims here. The information is based upon newspaper advertisements being run by EQC, the topics are listed below. For each topic a copy of the published material published can be downloaded.

Land claims (June - July 2013)

  • If you've got a land claim, here's some facts about your cover.
  • If you've got a land claim, settlements are underway.
  • If you've got a land claim, we've got some timings.
  • If you've got a land claim, here's how we'll assess it.
  • EQC Canterbury land claim settlements are underway.
  • EQC's Canterbury land claims process.
  • How Canterbury Land Claim Settlements are calculated by EQC.

Vulnerable people (June - July 2013)

  • Help us reach those most in need.

Building claims (cross leases) (June 2013)

  • If your building claim is delayed, your building could be the reason.

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