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Saturday, 21 July 2012

EQC - changes to the rules on non-structural repairs

EQC announced yesterday that non-structural repairs under $15,000 (formally $10,000) will now be paid out to homeowners rather than passed to the Canterbury Home Repair Programme (Fletcher EQR).

It appears that this will be an automatic process with homeowners having to opt back in if they don’t want to undertake the repairs themselves.

The media release (here) reads:

20 Jul 2012

EQC has raised the minimum threshold over which repairs will be managed by the Canterbury Home Repair (CHRP) programme from $10,000 to $15,000, provided the house does not have structural damage.

EQC General Manager Customer Services, Bruce Emson, said most repairs under $15,000 are for non structural damage.

“The change will enable owners in this group to take control of their repairs and do them at a time that suits them, and even as part of a wider renovation,” he said.

“This will also enable EQC to focus on higher value and structural dwelling repairs, thereby reducing the timeframe for repairing homes in Canterbury.”

EQC customers who do not want to be cash settled can choose to opt back in if they want their home repair completed by CHRP.

EQC estimates there are approximately 6,500 properties in the $10,000-15,000 group, although some of those will not be cash settled because they involve structural damage.

“Because only small value claims for non-structural damage are being cash settled, this does not detract from the Canterbury Home Repair Programme’s driving principle which is to give Canterbury good quality repairs and manage cost inflation,” Mr Emson said.

MEDIA: for more information please contact Richard Braddell 0277 053 103

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