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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Inside information on EQC's practices

Today's Press has an opinion piece by builder Gideon Cooper, who worked as an estimator for EQC. Now, back working as a builder, he has put some of his experiences in writing.

The following is quoted from part of the story about iPads:
But when it came to damage, that was a different story.
The iPad was an excellent data-collection tool but a poor tool for scoping a repair strategy. I don't think it would have mattered how much training was given simply because the iPad gave you limited options and this would lead to ridiculous repair strategies being given.
Not only that, it was impossible to suggest that a structural engineer needed to look at a house unless it had basically fallen over.
What this means for homeowners is that many assessments have been done by under-qualified, under-trained, well-meaning people on a poor performing tool and the result is reflected in the scope of works that both homeowners and Fletcher get.
You can read the article here, to have many of your experiences validated and suspicions confirmed.

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