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Saturday, 8 September 2012

Southern Response progress information

Southern Response have created a web page to make public their performance as measured against KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) they have set for themselves.

The following is from the page (here):

Southern Response has identified some key indicators which we will use to record our progress in settling over cap claims (claims which exceed EQC cover and have been passed to the private insurer to manage).

Each month, these figures will be updated, creating a record of Southern Response's progress as Canterbury moves through its rebuild.

We currently estimate our total claim exposure is $2.789b before EQC contributions; $1.934b after EQC contributions. 

We welcome suggestions for other data that customers may require to track our progress.  If this data is available and useful in a general sense, we will seek to supply it in future months.

The figures are broken down for the Red, White and Green zones and, within the Green Zone for TC1, TC2, and TC3.

The main information is provided in table form, with graphs below that.

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