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Sunday, 12 February 2012

0800 Hungry and Addington Action

0800 Hungry is the country's largest foodbank. It operates a food warehouse, and provides essential support to families and individuals who would otherwise go hungry. 0800 Hungry provides food parcels to Addington Action who distribute them in their area. Other organisations in Christchurch who distribute food parcels are also helped by 0800 Hungry.

To assist with the foodbank's mission, Addington Action have undertaken to provide 0800 Hungry with support for their computer needs.

If you need a food parcel you can apply directly to 0800 Hungry. It is not means tested, and you don't need letter from WINZ. Once the details are sorted the parcel(s) will be delivered to your house. Details are here.

Information about Addington Action is here, and 0800 Hungry here.

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