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Saturday, 28 January 2012

Addington Action - newsletter

One of the best organised of community groups Addington Actionhave put out another newsletter. It is very good example of a community supporting itself.

The newsletter:
Hi people
Addington Action is a working committee made up of a resident from each street, workplace union delegates, church ministers and school principals. It meets monthly to co-ordinate activity and is evolving rapidly. Volunteers are co-ordinated by cell phone text messages.
Work completed by Addington Action
So far around 800 jobs have been done for 500 households on 115 streets in 336 days. At anyone time, 20 jobs are underway and 50 are waiting to start. Addington Action is functioning as the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff because of the failure of government to provide timely aid to earthquake stricken working people in the area.
Free repairs to uninsured homes
A regular volunteer work crew has been making free repairs to the uninsured homes of the elderly, disabled and single parent families with young kids in the area from Phillipstown to Hoon Hay. Contact Addington Action if you can help with the repair effort or you know of a resident who needs this free help.
Food parcels
0800 Hungry are supplying food parcels each Tuesday which are being distributed by Addington Action to hungry families in Addington.
Vegetable gardens
Christchurch South Community Gardens are providing free small vegetable gardens at the homes of residents in Addington, Spreydon and Sydenham. 30 have been done so far. Some large gardens that multiple families can share are also being planned. Contact Addington Action to go on the list.
Any donations are a great help. Please send them to Addington Action, PO Box 9000, Tower Junction, Christchurch. Addington Action is now an Incorporated Society but not yet a registered charity.
Recent donations
So far 37,836.90 has been raised. Rotary gave $5,000 to pay for building materials. Bunnings gave a wopping trade discount. CEAT gave $10,000 for work tools. The Canterbury Community trust has donated $15,000 for a work truck. The Spreydon Heathcote Community Board has donated $2,350 for posters, fuel and legal and bank fees. Private residents have given donations of $1,540. The last Addington Fair raised $1,700.
Street representatives
35 streets in Addington, Sydenham, Hoon Hay and Spreydon now have a community minded person as the point of contact for their neighbours to Addington Action.
They need to keep an eye out for;
+ Uninsured homes that need repairs
+ Is a family in your street going hungry
+ People who want to help
Addington Action is able to offer more assistance to residents of streets that have a representative. Training is provided to each street rep as well as a free copy of the Earthquake Recovery Resource Kit which is a practical manual for organising help.
Contact Addington Action if you want to help or need help

Mike Peters
Addington Action

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