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Friday, 23 December 2011

Post after-shocks report

Poor old Retreat Road experienced significant amounts of liquefaction and flooded again, as did the southern end of Keller Street (see photographs below). Chaddesden Lane and both ends of Cowlishaw Street also experienced liquefaction. Patten Street, Silverdale Place and Halley Place seemed okay. Once more the river turned the colour of mushroom soup.

There seems to have been no injuries or significant problems with property. The worst damage has been sustained by people, especially Orange zoned people, who still don't know what the future holds for them as their well being is battered again.

How long is it going to be until those in Retreat Road, Chaddesden Lane and elsewhere get rezoned? While government ministers and their officials take a nice long break, those who are in a most dreadful situation wait upon their leisure. Not the most civilised or humane of approaches for a government to take. Perhaps now the Prime Minister will exercise leadership and explain exactly what has to be done, how long it will take, and when it will be finished.

(click for photographs)

Keller Street

Corner of Keller Street and Retreat Road

Retreat Road near Keller Street
Retreat Road from the West

Retreat Road - sucking up the silt and water
By Swanns Bridge

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