Neighbourhood Support - crime statistics & other information

There is a lot of anecdotal evidence about how much crime there is and where it is occuring. Neighbourhood Support have on their website a Weekly Crime Information page where you can find the latest information. Also available for download is a file with the latest week's worth of crime statistics. The file lists the date, time and street of burglaries of houses and businesses; thefts from cars; and thefts of cars.

The weekly crime information page is here.

Also on the site is a page of the fact sheets listed below. They are here.

 Your home and property
    Who burgles a house and why?
    Reducing the burglar's opportunities
    Home Burglar Alarms
    What to do when you hear a burglar alarm
    Buying Secondhand Goods
    Serial Number Recording
    Consumer Guarantees Act Made Simple
    Reducing the risk of handbag, briefcase and laptop theft
    Reducing the risk of theft from student accommodation

Neighbourhood Issues
    Preparing for the Bird Flu
    Fences and Neighbours
    Neighbours and Trees
    Neighbourhood Problem Solving
    Noise and Nuisance
    Dog Control
    The Ideal Neighbourhood Support Group

Holiday security and driving tips
    Visiting New Zealand
    Holiday Security Tips
    Holiday Driving Tips
    Reporting Bad Driving
    Enjoying the Outdoors Safely

    Protecting your vehicle
    The truth about Police speed enforcement
    Drink Driving
    Illegal parking and car towing
    Checking if a vehicle is stolen

    Cheque fraud
    Credit and Eftpos card fraud
    Identity theft

Law and the Older Person
    Driver licence renewal
    Asset testing for the residential care subsidy
    Making a Will
    Enduring Power of Attorney
    Age discrimination
    Elder abuse and neglect
    Personal Safety
    Rates Rebate Scheme

    When to call 111
    Stopping accidental or hoax 111 calls
    Giving a good description
    Witness Forms-
    Shoplifting - Trespass, Kids and Human Rights
    Signs and Symptoms of Drug Use in Young People
    Methamphetamine Clandestine Laboratory Awareness
    Misuse of (BB) airguns
    The age of criminal responsibility
    Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
    Serving a Trespass Notice

    Armed Robbery
    Domestic Violence Act
    Terrorism Awareness
    Citizen's Arrest and Self-defence
    Family Violence: How friends and family can help
    Recognising when a child or family needs help

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