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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Street Access Report

As at 7.00 this morning

If you want to get home or visit family it is possible. Otherwise it would be best to stay away. Damage is great and lots of shattered people and houses.

Where it says passable below it means that, but there are road hazards to both vehicles and people.

Dallington Bridge is open to light traffic (cars and 4wd) however Gayhurst Road is in a bad way so best to avoid it if you can.
Swanns Bridge - passable but the approach to both ends is hazardous

Note: beware of holes in the road - some are deceptive as there is just a light crust of seal over a much bigger hole.

Acland Ave - best on foot
Avonside Drive between the the two ends of Retreat Road - passable but hazardous.
Bracken Street, accessable but closed at Avonside Drive end.
Cowlishaw Street, accessible from the west end ( best via Avondside from Woodham Road.)
Galbraith is just possible
Maling Street - passable
Morris Street - passable
Retreat Road is accessible from  the east end and blocked at the west end near Swanns bridge
Robson Ave passable from the west end

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