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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Roger Sutton - assurances of community consultation over Residential Red Zone demolitions

Roger Sutton's update for the 30th of November 2011 includes the following regarding Residential Red Zone house demolitions:
Demolitions of houses in the residential red zone are not due to start until next year. We are working with insurers, Councils, support services and community groups to ensure that this work is coordinated and that there is minimum disruption to adjacent home owners.  We will continue to work with the home owners and communities as this work begins and will keep the public updated on progress.
In my mind this creates the expectation that our community will be consulted before demolitions start in February, and also during and afterwards. So far there has been no contact.

Whichever way our Orange Zone goes, and for those who are already Red or Green, there will be issues of importance to us not only around the demolition processes themselves, but also the short and medium term effects on health, well being, and the environment.

The full update is here.

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