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Monday, 6 December 2010

Council information for spa and pool owners

The following are extracts from a CCC media release from the 6th of December:
The Christchurch City Council is stepping up its pool safety campaign in the wake of the 4 September earthquake
In addition to ensuring regular pool safety measures are in place, the Council is now also seeking to identify and inspect all earthquake-damaged pools in the city to make sure they are safe.
All swimming pool owners are being contacted directly by letter, and two inspectors will be working to inspect all damaged  pools in the city.
What the Council needs to know about pools following the earthquake
  • Is the pool still intact and operational?
  • Has the pool or pool fencing suffered damage?
  • Is the pool area safe – barricaded off/temporary fencing/empty?
Residents are also urged to advise Council if
  • their pool is empty and will remain so.
  • their pool has suffered extensive damage and is no longer useable
  • they no longer have a pool.
The full press release is here.

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