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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Unbanked EQC cheques

EQC has issued a news release encouraging those who have unpresented EQC cheques to bank them. As at the beginning of this month $1.9 m worth of claim cheques had not been banked.

If claimants are holding on to a cheque because they disagree with the assessment that has been made EQC have said:
“Some people are querying their assessment and they believe that by cashing the cheque they have accepted the decision made by EQC. This is not the case,” he said.
“If anyone feels our assessment is not correct they can be reassured that they can continue to talk with EQC to resolve the situation. Banking the cheque will not affect the final settlement amount and it is particularly important that people have the money, at what may be a difficult time for them.”
The full release is here.

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