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Friday, March 23, 2012

EQC- FAQ on TC3 land

In EQC's broader FAQ there is a section where aspects of TC3 land are explained. The topics covered are listed below. If you are TC3 and your land is damaged you should read this stuff.
  • What exactly is TC3?
  • What’s the relationship between TC3 and damage to my land?
  • How does TC3 status affect my insurance claim?
  • How long will EQC take to complete geotechnical engineering work on TC3 properties?
  • Will the house still be insured if the foundations are undamaged and therefore not brought up to TC3 standard?
  • Some land claims issues
  • Will insurers still honour a policy and repair a house if the land underneath is considered uneconomic to repair?
  • What does EQC cover as part of a land claim?
  • Is EQC planning to stop covering land?
The web page is here.

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