2011/2012  Welcome to the blog. All are welcome to read what is here.

This is a weblog for those living in Cowlishaw Street, Chaddesden Lane, Patten Street, Retreat Road and close by And anyone else who is interested. The posts and comments represent the views of the author/commentor and nobody else.

If you are from this little part of the world (or elsewhere) and would like to participate please contact me and I will make you a member of the blog. Members of the blog can leave comments however, in the interests of security (should the site be hacked), comments may be moderated before they will appear. This could take a day or two if I'm behind with things so, if you want your comment to appear promptly, communicate directly with me.

Contributors are asked to be thoughtful and considerate in your comments. If you, as a visitor, feel something on the blog is not quite right, or not really appropriate, let me know and I will do the editor/moderator thing.

Comments, requests and complaints can be sent to me here:

Update 2018

*   Back in business for a while.
*   Privacy - nothing is gathered on this site other than what is picked up by the blogger platform.
*   Any information gathered via visitors making contact will be kept for the lifetime of the blog.
*   The website operates under the privacy laws of New Zealand.
*   Comments have been turned off. Comments made in the past, or the future, will be kept for the lifetime of the blog.

Thank you
Lawrence Roberts

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